Holy Love Message Researchers Wanted!!!

Value this Site?

If you feel this web site is of value and would like to see it progress and include the most critical clusters of messages (or your favorite messages) that are provided on the Holy Love Ministry website, please consider contributing your special skills as a volunteer.

Got Skills? Holy Love Message Researchers Wanted!!!

We are in need of researchers. Researchers who have the skill to search for a particular topic on the www.holylove.org website using multiple and various related terms and phrases to help gather all the messages that would fall under a specific topic. These messages would then be placed in a repository (word document or html page) using techniques to maintain consistency. In other words, in a manner that that could be easily transferred and rendered to the pages on this site.

Tentative Handling of Material

Once we have a complete compiled list of messages for a specific topic from the researcher we are ready to start the topic page. We have not landed on the best approach yet so there will be some inconsistency between pages for the time being. The plan is to display all related messages chronologically while highlighting the passages within the message that reflect unifying topic. Once the highlighting is complete, we will pull out the essence, create a bulleted list at the top of the page as a summary. When time permits we will return to link the bulleted items to the messages below. It will be a progressive approach as time permits.

Some Topics Still Needing Research

  • Monthly Message to All Nations
  • Mystical Church of Atonement
  • Trustful Surrender to Divine Will
  • Call to Divine Victimhood
  • United Hearts Devotions
  • Protectress of the Faith
  • Refuge of Holy Love

Some Topics Needing Some Additional Research

  • Revelation to the United Hearts
  • Way to Heaven through the United Hearts
  • Chambers of United Hearts
  • Mournful Heart of Jesus Prayers

A Work in Progress (Always)

A work in progress – both me and the website!

Due to a declining memory issue it is of value for me to frame the information found on www.holylove.org so I can map it in my mind for better retrieval.

So I am creating a website to capture the essential information so others with a similar issue (and newbies as well) can readily locate the prayers, novenas, spiritual teachings as well along with what terms to use to assist in any searches while on www.holylove.org.

I extend to the gentle reader the complete blessings of the United Hearts.